The information on this page will assist you in developing the creative elements of an ad suitable for publishing in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

MINIMUM SIZE – 1 COL. X 3/4 inch.

MINIMUM DEPTH – Same number of inches deep as columns wide. 6 column strip advertising accepted, minimum depth 3 inches.

MAXIMUM DEPTH short of full – Advertisements exceeding 18 inches will be set full depth and charged accordingly.

ELECTRONIC FILES Adobe Acrobat pdf is the preferred and recommended file format for Electronic Ad Submission. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Acrobat 3.0 and 4.0 Job Options are available for download by clicking the link below:

When supplying graphics for ad building, electronic formats such as .jpg, .gif, .tif and .eps are acceptable. Save them in CMYK mode for color, Grayscale for B/W halftones, bitmap for linework. Do not submit RGB, Indexed Color or Duotones. Proper resolution for reproduction is 200 dpi for CMYK or Grayscale, 800 dpi for linework.

All Color ads must be built in or converted to appropriate process color values (CMYK). We do not use Pantone colors.

The use of 3rd party Web sites to transmit electronic ads needs to be discussed and tested well ahead of deadlines. The use of customer Web or FTP sites to download ads, art, logos etc. also needs to be discussed well ahead of deadlines. Files supplied must be well identified, easily available and match the fax ID transmission.

We strongly encourage customers to submit their first Electronic Ad well before deadline.


To register as a first-time user of THE POST-GAZETTE Ad Desk portal:

1. Use Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.

2. Go to

3. Click on “Register.”

4. Fill in the required fields (anything marked with an *).

5. Click on “Submit.”

For returning users:

1. Go to

2. Click on “Login.”

3. Enter your login name and password.

4. Click “Sign In.”


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette uses the Flexographic Printing Process

Expect approx 4% color loss in hilites Expect approx

20% gain in shadow areas

Black & White halftone specifications:

4% hilite dot in areas that you want to hold

Catch lights and unimportant areas can drop out (3% or less)

80-85% shadow dot to hold shadow detail

Lighten mid-tones moderately

Color Sep specs for the Post-Gazette:

CYAN 4% hilite 60% shadow in blk areas

MAG 3% hilite 55% shadow in blk areas

YELO 3% hilite 55% shadow in blk areas

BLK 0% hilite 50% shadow ghost black medium UCR

Lighten midtones moderately

Max color laydown 220% in large black areas, small areas can be more.

Use a moderate amount of unsharp masking. Be careful with USM on people’s faces.

Remember that the computer screen is not the finished product.

Build a track record from each print job. Compare your computer screen to the reproduction and adjust accordingly on the next submission.

When supplying graphics for ad building: Acceptable electronic formats are:


Save files as:

ColorCMYK mode
Black and white halftonesGrayscale

Unacceptable file formats:

Indexed Color

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