Make front page news with Post-It Notes!

Make front page news with your advertising message on a highly noticeable sticky note. Use Post-It Notes to identify and brand your company, publicize a special event, or call reader to immediate action.  A Blade Post-It Note places your advertising message on the front page, above the fold for maximum exposure.

Blade notes can easily travel from the front page to your refrigerator or planner.

Blade Notes are available any day, any color,  and can be made any shape and on multiple pages.

Standard size is 3×3”.

A shaped note will add extra emphasis to your advertising message.

Shapes Available: Circle, House, Car, Heart, Popcorn/Flower, Pumpkin, Apple, Football, Shamrock, Diamond, Truck, Christmas Ornament, Strawberry, Coffee Cup, Stop Sign, Hamburger, Barrel and Wine Bottle.

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